HBA Technical Conference

On March 21 and 22, HBA held its annual Mid-year Technical Conferences at New York City’s Crown Plaza Hotel. Drawing on the latest scientific research in antiaging and natural beauty, findings were presented from luminaries in their respective fields. The antiaging session was led by Paolo Giacomoni, PhD, executive director, R&D, Clinique, The Estée Lauder Companies. Keynote speaker Wendy Lewis, Wendy Lewis & Co., explored the links between antiaging, wellness and beauty. David Pollock, CEO, Hydron Technologies, discussed self adjusting emulsions in the skin care industry, and Diana Smith, senior business manager, Cognis Corporation, presented on therapeutic peptides.

Nikita Wilson, director R&D, Cosmetech Laboratories, addressed formulating alternatives to cosmetic procedures; Sherilee Beckman, business development manager, DKSH North America, presented The Luxurious Functionality of Milk Phospholipids; Sam Shefer, PhD, executive vice president, Salvona Technologies, discussed delivery systems for multiple antiaging actives; and Navin Geria, vice president, R&D, SpaDermaceutical Group, presented Compelling Cosmeceuticals. Additional antiaging presentations included Karl Lintner, PhD, managing director, Sederma, presenting How Not to Age Five Years in Six Months, which emphasized skin protection and prevention through the use of “extremozymes” drawn from the depths of the sea. Sergio Nacht, PhD, executive vice president and chief scientific officer, Riley-Nacht, presented Aging Skin: The Ultimate Challenge for the Formulator.

The Natural Beauty Conference ran concurrently with the antiaging seminars, and featured speakers Julia McNamara, vice president marketing, consumer markets, Datamonitor; Walter Smith, PhD, Active Organics; Anna Gripp, senior technical marketing manager, DSM; and Ellen Kamhi, PhD, Bio-Botanica. Steve Siegel, vice president, Ecuadorian Rainforest, presented Beauty From Within: An Examination of South American Nutraceuticals, and Art Georgalas, director of new technologies, Tri-K, discussed phytochemical delivery for personal care applications.

The show managed to impart a wide array of perspectives and potential solutions for delivery, synergy and sustainability, plus tabletop exhibits provided supporting materials and ample networking opportunities to learn more about the latest research in two burgeoning areas of personal care.

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