Sniffapalooza at The Fragrance Foundation

On Sept. 20, The Fragrance Foundation held a Think Tank breakfast presentation, featuring Sniffapalooza’s founder and director, Karen Dubin, and executive operations manager, Karen Adams. The pair discussed the principles behind fragrance enthusiasts who have taken fragrance connoisseurship to an entirely new level. Rochelle Bloom, president of The Fragrance Foundation, welcomed the two Karens as “fragrance enthusiasts extraordinaire,” citing their passion for fragrance as the true motivation for the concept.

Sniffapalooza, which has been building as an event and Web-based entity since 2004, began as a small group of fragrance enthusiasts who originally met at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City for the express purpose of sampling, purchasing and enjoying fragrance—as well as mingling with fellow fragrance lovers. Dubin first approached Bergdorf’s with the idea of holding the group’s inaugural fragrance get together, and the concept grew to include such diverse retailers as Takashimaya, Bendel’s, Barney’s and Bond No. 9.

The group’s events, which include samplings and breakfast meetings, have also included master classes with perfumers at Creed and Guerlain, among others, as well as specialized excursions to fragrance houses, suppliers and marketers in France. Education is among the group’s goals so customers will learn the nuances of scent and continue to enjoy and appreciate fragrance in new ways. Additional information is available at
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