Avon Honors Breast Cancer Survivors

The Avon Foundation celebrated Global Breast Cancer Survivors Day on Oct. 4 at New York’s Rainbow Room. The event honored breast cancer survivors from around the world and celebrated the Third Annual Avon Walk Around the World for Breast Cancer. Hosted by Andrea Jung, chairman and CEO, Avon Products, Inc., and Carol Kurzig, executive director, Avon Foundation, the luncheon featured both speakers supporting the cause and 50 breast cancer survivors from around the world.

Speakers included Susan Love, MD, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation; Nancy Snyderman, MD, chief medical editor, NBC News; Marcy Schwam, director of women’s sport, Reebok; and Zenia Celis, a breast cancer survivor from El Salvador.

Andrea Jung noted the phenomenal growth of Avon’s initiatives, from the sale of their first pin to the current $500 million raised and awarded through philanthropic programs worldwide in the areas of breast cancer and domestic violence. The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade raised and awarded more than $450 million worldwide from 1992 through 2006 to advance access to care and finding a cure for breast cancer, with a focus on the medically underserved.

“What’s great about Avon is that they want to include younger women and women of color,” said event participant Kristen Martinez. “Most people don’t understand that women under 40 do get breast cancer, and it’s often more deadly for this segment of the population. Early detection is key.”

The Avon Foundation also announced the funding recipients of the $7 million Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Research Initiative (which awarded 12 grants) and that Reebok will be the official sponsor for The Walk Around the World Initiative for 2008–2010. A new line of Reebok footwear will benefit the cause. Additional information on the event, the foundation and sponsors is available at www.avonfoundation.org.

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