InnoCos 2016 Reveals Innovation Leader of the Year Awards

The InnoCos 2016 Innovation Leader of the Year Awards for marketing, product, and packaging were presented on June 9 in Vienna, during the World Beauty Innovation Summit InnoCos. Honored for their leadership, impressive performance and the impact they’re making on their companies and the industry in innovation were Angela Cretu, Des Fernandes and John Morgan.

Cretu, Avon's general manager Turkey and group VP for Africa and Middle East, was the recipient of the marketing category, recognized for successfully leading the redesign and implementation of an innovative new marketing direction to compete with today’s digital economy.

“I am honored and grateful to receive the InnoCos Award for Leader of the Year. I proudly represent a company where beauty is the journey and women empowerment is the real destination,” Cretu said. “Avon has enrolled 130 years ago in the mission to serve women needs of beauty, well-being and self-fulfillment, and this powerful purpose continues to drive our efforts for the future.”

As a practicing cosmetic surgeon, Fernandes has in-depth knowledge of human skin and associated cosmetic challenges. His Step-Up approach used in salons by skin care experts shows great innovation combining medical knowledge with cosmetic formulation and close customer input, awarding him the winner for the “Product” category.

“It is a great honor for me to have won the InnoCos Leader of the Year award for the Product category. Since 1990, I, along with the amazing Environ team, have relentlessly striven to research, develop and manufacture the best cosmetic products in the world—focusing on effective doses of vitamin A, C and E and a cocktail of anti-oxidants and peptides to bring about visible benefits for skin,” Fernandes said.

Amway’s Morgan won the packaging category for his leadership efforts in establishing the packaging development function for Amway in the New York office, and the role he plays in the Intelligent Package Design initiative.

“It’s an incredible honor to have been awarded the InnoCos Leader of the Year Award for Packaging Innovation,” Morgan said. “Amway has worked very hard in the last several years to elevate Artistry’s position as a prestige beauty brand and it has been a very rewarding experience for me to play a part in solidifying this position.”

The Leader of the Year Awards, created by innoCos events, recognize leaders in the cosmetics and personal care industry who have significantly contributed to the success of their company by developing, enhancing and expanding the practice of innovation.

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