New Innovation Zone at In-cosmetics Asia

The latest ingredient and beauty products from around the globe will be showcased as part of In-cosmetics Asia’s new Innovation Zone. Visitors to the Bangkok show (November 2-4, 2010) will be able to see a line-up of exclusive new products unveiled at the event along with recent launches. Innovation Zone was introduced in 2008 at In-cosmetics Asia’s sister show in Europe.

Antiaging and Male Grooming

The Zone will be in association with market research agency Mintel Beauty Innovation, which be at the show and feature a selection of 10 antiaging products and an assortment of 10 male grooming products.

According to Mintel, Japan has seen the highest growth rate in antiaging cosmetics in 2009. All the antiaging products featured in the Innovation Zone are from Japan, with an emphasis on skin-whitening and brightening, compared to those seen at the In-cosmetics event in Paris earlier this year. Products include Shu Uemura Signs-Off Instant Replenishing Line Smoother, which claims to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines with a single application, Astalift’s Night Cream which replenishes and promotes collagen formation, and Kiehl's Ultimate White Intensive Whitening Essence which reduces excess melanin formation and the appearance of fine lines.

Ten male-grooming products will also be presented, including French brand MenCorner’s C2t Tea Tanning Cream, the UK’s Bulldog hydrating cream from The Little Wing Trading Company and China’s Kong Feng Chun’s Deep Moisturizing Balancing Milk.

To complement this, Mintel will also host two marketing trends presentations on day one of the show, including "Anti-Ageing in Japan" and "Nu Natural Men’s Grooming."

Ingredient Launches

There will be 25 display boxes spotlighting the very latest avant-garde ingredients from well-established brands to exciting newcomers. The Zone will also act as the platform for exhibitors looking to unveil their latest ingredients to a targeted audience.

Among the launches:

  • Setalg will launch Peel Off Mask Repulping @Home, a marine complex based on alginates. Its unique properties are due to the combined action of two highly effective ingredients: hyaluronic acid and marine collagen resulting in a repulped skin that looks visibly younger.
  • Uniproma Chemical Co. Ltd’s Sunsafe Complex A9 will also be introduced. It is a photostable combination of UVA and UVB absorbers in an inert solution. The non-oily product protects the skin against UV radiation at the same time as forming a water resistant and protective film.
  • Mibelle AG Biochemistry will present PhytoCellTec Alp Rose, a cosmetic active ingredient based on alpine rose stem cells. The product helps to improve the quality of the skin's barrier, which can cause dry and sensitive skin as a result of age and environmental factors. Tested on human epidermal cells, PhytoCellTec Alp Rose was found to increase the vitality of skin stem cells.
  • Silab will introduce PRO-COLL-ONE+ its benchmark ingredient in collagen synthesis. The ingredient claims to strongly reduce wrinkles and is the indispensable active for all anti-ageing strategy.
  • DSM will showcase TILAMAR Fix A1000, a solid acrylic bead that provides benefits such as preservative-free, non-dusty, free-flowing and easy solubilisation. The product is ideal for styling polymers.
  • Lubrizol Advanced Materials Asia Pacific will demonstrate its Novethix L-10 Polymer, a highly efficient emulsion molecule designed for structuring most cleansing formulations containing anionic, nonionic and zwitterionic surfactants. The ingredient is a cost-effective improvement, according to the company, over nonionic thickeners that can be used alone or combined with other thickeners for creamier and more stable formulations.
  • Unipex will showcase three of its new additions: β-White, a TGF-ß biomimetic peptide, which reduces constitutive and facultative pigmentation allowing optimal whitening; Exo-P, an eco-friendly active from French Polynesia that provides an effective shield against aggressions resulting from urban pollution; and Erase it Concept, which contains Drieline, ChroNOline, Exo-T to minimise the appearance of existing stretch marks.

Live Demonstrations

Mintel will conduct 30-minute demonstrations at 11:30 am daily, featuring a selection of antiaging and male grooming products on the Innovation Zone, presented by Nica Lewis, head consultant, beauty innovation and Hinako Sugioka Israel, consultant, beauty innovation (Japan and USA).

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