UPDATE: Coronavirus Resets Cosmoprof Bologna Dates

Cosmoprof Bologna has been postponed until June due to COVID-19 concerns.
Cosmoprof Bologna has been postponed until June due to COVID-19 concerns.

UPDATE: Cosmoprof Bologna will be postponed again until September 3-7, 2020, due to the impacts of COVID-19, or novel coronavirus, in Italy, as well as related travel restrictions.

"Since the beginning of the emergency linked to the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy on 23 February, we have been constantly monitoring the situation, with the aim of identifying the best solutions to support the cosmetic industry," says Gianpiero Calzolari, president of BolognaFiere. "The restrictions affecting our country and the limitations on international travels announced by other nations do not currently create the necessary preconditions for the business and networking activities at the basis of a global event such as Cosmoprof. The decision to further postpone the show in September, also based on evident prudential reasons related to the health emergency, is the result of a responsible dialogue with associations and institutions, with the common goal of creating the best scenario for the relaunch of the sector."

Enrico Zannini, general manager of BolognaFiere Cosmoprof SpA, added, “Cosmoprof in an international event, which every year attracts over 265,000 operators from 150 countries to Bologna. The actual restrictions are limiting the presence in Italy of buyers, distributors and retailers from the main markets in Europe, Asia and America for the next few months, thus draining the lifeblood of our event as well."

He continued, "Today more than ever we are therefore called to act with responsibility, to protect the investments and production activities of our 3,000 exhibitors and to support the sector. In September, we will work together with beauty companies and operators in the relaunch and development of the industry on a global level."

Cosmoprof Bologna isn't the first beauty event to be hit by COVID-19 issues. PCHi in China has also been postponed.

Elsewhere, P&G has detailed its coronavirus challenges.

"The latest news concerning novel corona virus in Italy have forced us to review our positions," says Gianpiero Calzolari, president of BolognaFiere. “In agreement with the regional government of Emilia Romagna and with the municipality of Bologna, we have assessed the situation, and postponing the event is currently the most correct solution, to support Italian institutions engaged today in protecting our health."

"The decision to postpone the event from 11 to 15 June is a further evidence of our commitment to support the development of the cosmetic industry worldwide,” said Enrico Zannini, general manager of BolognaFiere Cosmoprof SpA. “In this way we can offer to the over 3,000 exhibitors of this edition and to the 265,000 operators attending our exhibition every year a high-quality business event, as in the tradition of Cosmoprof. I would like to thank our exhibitors and our partners for their understanding in the latest weeks, due to the complicated scenario in which we are involved. Thanks to the collaboration of the entire industry, our event in June will be a key moment for our sector."

"Cosmetica Italia is working together with its historic partner, BolognaFiere Cosmoprof, sharing the decision to postpone the fair to ensure maximum health and safety conditions for operators and visitors to the event," said Renato Ancorotti, president of Cosmetica Italia. “Our goal is to be side by side on the occasion of the new appointment, to reconfirm the excellence of the Italian cosmetic industry, recognized all over the world and reacting positively even in contexts of uncertainty."

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