The Unfiltered Experience You Won't Want to Miss

Daniela Ciocan
Daniela Ciocan

Direct-to-consumer brands looking to connect with influencers and media outlets will be provided ample networking opportunities at the upcoming Unfiltered Experience event in Las Vegas.

The one-day event, created by event marketer Daniela Ciocan, is meant to deliver a 360 marketing approach for brands focused on the direct-to-consumer business model as well as companies interested in strengthening their social media content, reach and relationships with key influencers and prominent media platforms. 

Brands, including those not readily available in retail spaces, are encouraged to attend and expand their database with leads, connect face-to-face with qualified consumers who will educate them on product attributes, samples and selling products.

Trend-focused areas will showcase ingestibles, beauty and wellness products.

Event attendees will include Kim Vo, host of reality TV series The Look All Stars, and Anthony Elliott (@anthonycuts).

The inaugural Unfiltered Experience will debut in Las Vegas on July 26-27, 2019. The event is open to public and industry alike on Saturday, July 27, with private meetings held on Friday, July 26.

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