5 Top Trends at PCHi 2024: Skin Strength, Radiance, Microbiome, Collagen and More

Skin barrier reinforcement and sustainability were two major themes.
Skin barrier reinforcement and sustainability were two major themes.

PCHi 2024, held March 20-22, in Shanghai, brought skin-strengthening solutions out in full force, while leveraging the microbiome for skin-illuminating effects and reducing the irritation potential of ingredients. Here are our top picks for trending topics we've heard (so far). We'll keep adding to this as the list grows! Follow our social posts for snapshots from the event.

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Pigments and encapsulation made our 'honorable mentions' list.Pigments and encapsulation made our "honorable mentions" list.

1. Skin Barrier Strengthening

-barrier reinforcement
-plumping effects
-lipidomics and anti-lipid oxidation
-collagen fragments, fibronectin, elastin
-corneo care
-total number in carbon chain - decreases with age

2. Safety, Sensitivity, Anti-allergy

-mild/gentle surfactants (APG)
-texture focus -silicones

Non-irritating, and mild/gentle surfactants (APG) were a trending theme.Non-irritating, and mild/gentle surfactants (APG) were a trending theme.

3. Brightening, Radiance and Youth

-skin brightening and lightening effects
-youthful skin (no necessarily "anti-aging")
-skin health surpassing "anti-aging" tone (well aging, X years younger)

4. Microbiome/Prebiotic

-"Super Metabiotics"
-triple biome symbiosis (plant + microbiome + animal (human))

5. Sustainability/Biotech

-recombinant collagen
-sustainable is almost a "given"

Honorable Mentions

-doctor and pharma focus
-"emotional vitamins"
-hair volume + split end reduction + enhancing hair strength (in one)

Stay tuned as we add to this list.

The next edition of PCHi is scheduled to take place Feb. 19-21, 2025, in Guangzhou, China. For more information, please visit www.pchi-china.com/en, or connect with PCHi on social media.

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