Biopolax's BPX Gemini Surfactants Emulsify, Boost Other Eco-surfactants

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Biopolax introduces BPX Gemini (INCI: Not Provided), a patent-pending range of biodegradable dimeric surfactants available in two modifications: GEZ (in standard and zwitterionic forms) and anionic GEA.

The technology is derived from plant origin and reportedly demonstrates ability to form micelles in aqueous solutions at relatively low concentrations. In addition, its pronounced emulsifying and co-emulsifying properties may add value in creams, lotions and milks.

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Product Benefits

Testing with APG 12-14, one of the more widespread surfactants used in eco-friendly products (including shampoos, shower gels, face and hand foams and washing liquids, among others), confirmed:

  • BPX-GEZ, in particular, increases the emulsifying ability of eco-friendly surfactants (including APG 12-14) and can act as a co-emulsifier in emulsions.
  • The zwitterionic form can reduce the turbidity and increase the foaming and foam stability of APG 12-14. 

Details are forthcoming on the anionic GEA product.

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Novel Structure = Biodegradability

According to Biopolax, the novelty of these dimeric surfactants is their two molecules of conventional monomeric surfactants connected by a spacer. In the case of BPX Gemini products, the spacer contains carboxyamide groups that make the surfactant easily biodegradable by natural proteases.

Sustainable Yet Effective

Vladislav Perunov, CFA, FCCA and director at Biopolax commented: “The growing use of mild and eco-friendly surfactants like alkyl polyglycosides (APGs) is driven by the changing consumer preference toward sustainable chemistry but might fall short of the performance standards offered by the mass-market.

"We feel that the performance-boosting properties of BPX Gemini will add value in the market and help to further the uptake of environmentally benign solutions."

About Biopolax

Biopolax is a London-based developer and manufacturer of biopolymer-based components for home and personal care products with an emphasis on sustainability.

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