Goop, Dermalogica, Neutrogena & Dr. Elsa Jungman Speak out on 'New Minimalism in Beauty'

An essentialist approach to beauty innovation can address consumers' desire to focus on what is truly necessary for their wellness goals.
An essentialist approach to beauty innovation can address consumers' desire to focus on what is truly necessary for their wellness goals.
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🌴☀️ Beauty Accelerate is making its LIVE Los Angeles debut March 6-7, 2024 at the Millennium Biltmore hotel, featuring expert talks, networking opportunities, and a boutique exhibition of concept products and services from leading ingredient, packaging and contract/turnkey manufacturing partners. 👉🏽 Register now to set your beauty innovation agenda; 1- & 2-day passes are available, as are group rates. 


Sometimes less is more. During "The New Minimalism in Beauty," Beauty Accelerate will feature a discussion among experts from Goop, Dermalogica, Neutrogena and Dr. Elsa Jungman Skincare, who will outline the consumer drivers and product impact of a more spare, essentialist approach to innovation.

Mintel's 2024 Sophisticated Simplicity trend highlights this emerging mindset, reflecting rising demands for transparency in the service of ensuring that products are effective and that ingredients are both necessary and safe.

As reported in July 2023, "the number of ingredients/chemicals per [personal care] product seems to have dropped" since 2004. This has been supported by multifunctional ingredients and spurred by consumer scrutiny over the length and contents of ingredient labels. 

This movement has also been a growth engine for clinical and expert-backed brands that offer clear proof of product efficacy.

At the same time, Mintel predicts shoppers will use fewer products overall, instead focusing on "curating a carefully selected range of high-quality essentials."

To outline the implications for formulation design and ingredients, packaging and marketing and beyond, Bob Bianchini, Ph.D., of Dermalogica; Akshay Talati, Pharm.D., of Goop; Julie Bianchini Wolf, Ph.D., of Neutrogena, and Elsa Jungman of the eponymous beauty brand and HelloBiome will engage in a panel discussion and Q&A, offering takeaways for product and marketing innovation teams. 

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🧴Consumers are testing the limits of beauty innovation like never before. Bringing physical, digital, and even psychological product experience expectations to the forefront of the competition in an always evolving beauty market. At Beauty Accelerate, experts from various perspectives in Marketing and R&D will present relevant solutions to attendees looking for ways to stay in the current of the competition.

💄To inspire and equip R&D and brand marketing innovators to rise to the challenge, Beauty Accelerate will connect the dots among emerging cosmetic technologies, market and retail trends, and supply chain innovations through discussions with newsmaker brands and retailers, data/analytics from leading insight firms, on-trend R&D education, and networking opportunities with some of the industry’s rising stars and established thought leaders.

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Imagine the possibilities while exploring the Beauty Accelerate expo! Connect with industry peers in the expo hall to exchange ideas on the latest technologies and concept products, while also broadening your network of supplier and manufacturing contacts, and product development resources. Exhibitors will be showcasing new products and innovations throughout the expo.

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