A Natural Note, Joint Ventures, Sun Care, and More Beauty Ingredient News and Launches for Late September 2013

Clariant recently was included today in the European Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI Europe).

Protameen Chemicals announced a newly formed joint venture with Aromac Inc. Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, surfactants, and specialty chemicals, Protameen and Aromac have both enjoyed 45+ years in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries. With Aromac's strategic location and close proximity to Protameen, this venture will allow increased production over a broad range of products, as well as an expansion into new technology, custom blending, expanded lab capabilities and an emphasis on new ester development.

BASF showcased ingredients and concepts at the 4 HPCI Middle East and Eurasia Exhibition and Congress in Istanbul. The consumer-inspired Cosmetics for Real Life concept based on the Care Creations brand roll-out toward the personal care market was presented, and ingredient products such as Luviset One and the new Timica Terra Colors range, natural mica coated with iron oxide and titanium dioxide with high color saturation from the skin-tone spectrum that are ideal for use in mineral makeup, were showcased.

Naturex and the University of Avignon created a new joint research laboratory for exploring eco-friendly extraction processes. The new unit, known as ORTESA (French acronym for Optimization and Research on Extraction Technologies and Alternative Solvents), aims at better understanding the principles of eco-friendly extraction.

Kao Corporation completed construction to enhance production capacity for fatty alcohols at its Pilipinas Kao Incorporated (PKI) location in the Philippines. The enhancement in production capacity at PKI was implemented to meet growing demand for fatty alcohols centering on the Asian region. After completion, PKI's production capacity of fatty alcohols has increased to approximately 1.4 times.

Salvona Technologies and AlphaTech Science (Thailand) Co., Ltd. announced their partnership to promote Salvona’s innovative technologies and products to India, Thailand and Southeast Asian beauty and personal care markets.

New Launches

The Lubrizol Corporation introduced a naturally derived thickener and a high solids, low 1,4-dioxane surfactant for surfactant systems at the California SCC Suppliers' Day event. Glucamate CCO Thickener is a solution for developing formulations with high renewable carbon content as it is greater than 93% (by weight) derived from corn and vegetal sources. This naturally derived thickener enables the formulation of clear cleansing products with a honey-like flow that imparts mildness and luxurious sensory to the skin. And Sulfochem ES-70DXS Surfactant is the first in what will be a new line of highly concentrated, low 1,4-dioxane surfactants from Lubrizol. The new surfactant is highly pourable, has very low odor and color, is easy to use and has extremely low levels of residual 1,4-dioxane.

Natural evolution produces organisms uniquely suited for their environment or function, and inspired by this efficiency, schülke created sensiva PA 40, an antimicrobial stabilizer blend uniquely suited your leave-on, wet wipe and sensitive formulas. It combines natural, nature-identical and gentle synthetic materials to produce a multifunctional additive empirically designed to meet the changing preservation needs of the personal care industry.

Additionally, DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Company announced schülke’s expanded sensiva line of multifunctional additives features its natural, preservative-boosting ingredient Zemea propanediol. Zemea propanediol is included in both sensiva PA 30 and sensiva PA 40. Zemea is a natural, 100% biobased ingredient made from corn starch through fermentation and developed for use in the cosmetics and personal care market. It is a high-performance, environmentally friendly sustainable alternative to petroleum-based glycols and glycerin, where the product’s lack of skin irritation, improved moisturization and excellent sensory properties are benefits. Zemea is approved as a natural ingredient by Ecocert and the Natural Products Association, and it is also certified 100% biobased by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and has both kosher and halal certifications.

The ability to emulsify and stabilize UV filters is a key property for raw materials, especially for emulsifiers, and to address these trends, Evonik debuted Tego Care PBS 6, a novel, unique and eco-friendly polyglyceryl based emulsifier. The emulsifier is fully based on renewable sources, helping TEGO Care PBS 6 to be NATRUE and Ecocert approved natural. The ingredient covers the need of sustainability while providing the emulsification stability of sun care formulations containing a high load of water soluble UV filters or other challenging ingredients. And beside its excellent stabilization capacities, this new emulsifier also provides moisturizing properties. Possible applications for Tego Care PBS 6 are sun care lotions and sprays, as well as insect repellent applications, facial serums for daily SPF protection or natural based lotions.

Clariant released Nipaguard Zero, a line of optimized preservative blends that contain no parabens, yet deliver a comparable performance. Based on Clariant’s understanding of the market and due to growing end-user demand for alternatives to parabens, the company has developed four Nipaguard Zero blends for use in rinse-off and leave-on applications, wet wipes and difficult-to-preserve formulations, including an Ecocert approved option. The four products, all based on Velsan SC are: Nipaguard SCE, Nipaguard SCM, Nipaguard SCP and Nipaguard SCV.

Ashland Specialty Ingredients is now offering its Escalol HMS ultraviolet (UV) filter technology to sun care product manufacturers throughout the world. Ashland added the UV filter technology to its popular line of Escalol UV filters to meet growing demand and to better support a range of broad-spectrum UV formulation solutions. Sun care brands may use Escalol HMS UV filter at levels as high as 15 %in the United States and 10% in the European Union. Oil soluble, the UV filter is compatible in a range of lotion and spray systems.

Jeen International announced its new alternative preservative product, Jeecide MCA-1. Based on industry demand and increasing preservative regulatory pressures, Jeen researchers have developed a unique alternative approach—the Jeecide Microbial Control Alternative (MCA) series. The initial product in this series is Jeecide MCA-1, a unique liquid blend of organic acids and proprietary efficacy boosters in a glycerin base. Since it does not contain traditional preservatives, the product can be included in formulations carrying “preservative-free” claims. Mild, yet effective, Jeecide MCA-1 imparts little odor or color to a wide range of leave-on and rinse-off personal care and cosmetic products for skin and hair applications.

People News

Acme-Hardesty Co. welcomed Kristie Hammontree as southeastern regional sales manager, Luis Idrobo as regional sales manager in the Gulf states region, and Samantha Brooks as marketing manager. Brooks will serve as marketing manager for both Acme-Hardesty and its parent company, Jacob Stern & Sons.

KH Neochem Americas appointed Takeshi Matsui as executive vice president responsible for the company’s North and South America sales and marketing. Matsui replaces Toshi Fujima, who will assume an international marketing position at KH Neochem corporate headquarters in Japan.Prior to his new assignment, Matsui served as KH Neochem’s international sales and marketing manager for performance material BU.

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