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Top Makeup Habits During Quarantine: Survey Results

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More than half surveyed have continued their same makeup routine since quarantine.

Beautyque NYC has released the results from a survey regarding makeup habits during COVID-19. The survey shows results from 328 consumers 18 years-old and older. 

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Of those surveyed, 12% said they mostly wear mask all day and 43% mostly work/stay at home, although 45% do a mix of both. 

Whether they are going out or staying in, 53% of those surveyed said they haven't changed their makeup routines. However, 26% have stopped wearing makeup and 21% only wear makeup for video calls. 

Below is a wrap-up of consumers' product usage habits (percentages throughout relate to portion offering an affirmative answer).

How often they wear complexion products:

  • Daily: 55%
  • Occasionally: 32%
  • Never: 13%

How often they wear lipstick:

  • Daily: 49%
  • Occasionally: 34%
  • Never: 17%

How often they wear mascara:

  • Daily: 61%
  • Occasionally: 23%
  • Never: 16%

Co-founders Sonia Khemiri and Sylvie Giret said, "We wanted to understand how people had adjusted their makeup routines during COVID-19 and to the inherent constraints such as wearing a mask or staying at home. Although we can tell that people undoubtedly adjusted their routines to the ‘new normal’ (26% have stopped wearing makeup), overall this survey carries good news for makeup brands, with respondents keeping up better than we expected when it comes to applying makeup.”