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Meeting Demands for Natural; Specific Consumer Needs in Hair Care

Corn Products International, Inc.
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The top half of this image is African-American hair pretreated with water, the bottom image is African-American hair pretreated with Farmal® MD 15 maltodextrin.

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Corn Products International’s natural ingredient Farmal® MD 15 maltodextrin fulfills the consumer demand for fuller, thicker hair while maintaining a natural label claim. According to recent studies, hair shafts showed a statistically significant mean increase when treated with an aqueous solution containing Farmal® MD 15.

How Farmal® MD 15 Works

How does this ingredient actually thicken and strengthen hair? Due to its film-forming properties, Farmal® MD 15 creates a coating around the hair, locking in moisture and strengthening the hair shaft. The resulting effect is the temporary increase in volume and fullness of hair, which can add value to shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products.

The images to the right illustrate the differences in hair surface appearance between African-American hair pretreated with water and African-American hair pretreated with Farmal® MD 15 maltodextrin.

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In addition, to thickening and strengthening hair, Farmal® MD 15 is a natural maltodextrin ingredient (a short-chained starch sugar) derived from corn. This may allow brand owners to make a natural label claim while enhancing the look and feel of their consumers' hair.

Farmal® MD 15 is part of a portfolio of high-quality, renewable, and sustainable vegetable-based ingredients from Corn Products International that help brands create products with distinct characteristics for hair care, skin care and more—all with a natural touch.

To learn how Farmal® MD 15 maltodextrin or any of the other Farmal® ingredients can benefit your products and claims, visit www.cornproductsus.com or call 1-800-443-2746.

Corn Products International, Inc., one of the world's leading providers of refined, agriculturally based ingredients, has developed a portfolio of personal care ingredients called FARMAL®. The FARMAL® line of high-quality, renewable and sustainable vegetable-based ingredients helps formulators create products with distinct characteristics for hair care, skin care and more—with a natural touch.


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