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What Neon Means

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Neon is all about fun, simplicity and positivity, reflecting the values of young women.

With the launch of its youthful, sugar-themed hair care line, Neon, Paul Mitchell is positioning its brand for today's young consumers by allowing them to be whoever and whater they want.

The line is being positioned as a solution specifically aimed at women aged 15 to 20, and promises, "say goodbye to 'borrowing'" products from one's mother. More importantly, the line's marketing emphasizes several key points:

  • Ease of use
  • Simplicity: just six products, but many possible looks
  • Fun: a "yummy" sugar theme and "candy-like" scent
  • Individuality: “Style isn't about being cookie-cutter and feeling like you have to follow a certain trend,” says brand manager Inger Berg. “It's being free to explore, get creative and have fun. And that's what Neon is all about.”)
  • Positivity: The brand is closely aligned with an anti-bullying initiative, one of the hot-button issues facing young women.

The range comprises a Sugar Cleanse Shampoo, Sugar Rinse Conditioner, Sugar Spray Texture Spray, Sugar Twist Tousle Cream, Sugar Cream Smoothing Cream and Sugar Confection Working Spray.


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