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Mom- and Baby-friendly Skin Care

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Boppy's new skin care line features a citrus shea scent.

Some brands might be missing out on moms, but not all.

Boppy, manufacturers of the namesake feeding and infant support pillow, has gotten into the skin care game with The Boppy Bloom Skincare Collection, comprising Stretch Mark Cream ($13), Whipped Belly Butter ($10), Renewing Body Oil ($15) and Soothing Breast Balm ($12). (Read more about treating babies' skin here.)

The cream, butter and body oil comprise coconut oil, vitamin E and shea butter to combat stretch marks and feature a citrus shea scent.

The breast balm is formulated to counteract dry, cracked skin caused by breastfeeding.

“The Boppy Bloom Skincare Collection was crafted for the everyday mom,” said Nancy Bartley, CEO, The Boppy Company. “It is for the mom who loves natural ingredients, cares about quality and takes time to pamper herself during the nine month stretch. These products subscribe to our brand values and our company goal of Support for all Momkind.”

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