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World's Most Searched-for Skin Care Brands

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North America and Oceania's top skin care brands by country. Photo: Skincare Hero.

Skincare Hero has curated a list of the most searched skin care brands globally, with The Ordinary ranking number one across all four regions. Tik Tok darling CeraVe also made a strong showing. The company tabulated worldwide average monthly search volume using Ahrefs Keyword Explorer between June 2020 and June 2021.

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Below, the top skin care brands for each region is accompanied by the number of countries in which it ranked number one.

North America

  1. The Ordinary - eight 

  2. Dove - six 

  3. CeraVe - two 

  4. L'Oreal - one

  5. Clinique - one

  6. La Mer - one 


  1. The Ordinary - 27

  2. Bioderma - five

  3. Estee Lauder - four

  4. Vichy - three

  5. CeraVe - one

  6. Dove - one

  7. Clinique - one

  8. Caudalie- one 

South America

  1. The Ordinary - four

  2. L'Oreal - two

  3. Neutrogena - two

  4. CeraVe - two 

  5. Dove - one

  6. Bioderma - one 


  1. The Ordinary - two

  2. Dove - one

Jake Agnew from Skincare Hero said: “The Ordinary has exploded in popularity across the past few years and is now officially North America’s hottest skin care brand. With celebrity and influencer fans such as Kim Kardashian and Holly Willoughby, The Ordinary has managed to unseat its more established rivals to be the ‘must have’ product in almost every country."