M&H Reveals New Tubular Foamer


Packaging: 50ml Tubular Foamer in PET (4284) and also HDPE/PP (5867)

Company: M&H Plastics

Description: Joining an existing family of tubular foamers ranging from 150ml to 250ml is the new 50ml Tubular Foamer from M&H Plastics, part of the RPC Group of companies. Offering a convenient volume for specialist products, travel and sampling, the new foamer is available in PET (4284) and also HDPE/PP (5867). The complete range offers the potential to develop a family of products with the following volumes: 50ml PET – Ref: 4284 50ml HDPE/PP – Ref: 5867 150ml PET – Ref: 4093 150ml HDPE/PP – Ref: 5122 200ml PET – Ref: 4210 200ml HDPE/PP – Ref: 5006 250ml PET – Ref: 4209 250ml HDPE/PP – Ref: 5623.


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