Smile! You're on Cosmetic Camera


Selfie-snapping consumers are getting smarter about makeup, thanks to social media, and now a cosmetic camera has recently launched to capitalize on this selfie trend. 

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According to World Patent Marketing, the patented "Cosmetic Camera" acts as a both a compact and a camera. It features a two-way mirror and a compact spot for pressed powder. It can also serve as a reflector, which will let the user know if there is a need to retouch or put on more makeup. The built-in camera has a flash for selfies as well as an SD card for saving photos. 

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"The Cosmetic & Beauty Products Manufacturing Industry is worth $50 billion," said Scott Cooper, CEO and creative director of World Patent Marketing and Desa Industries Inc. "Industry revenue has increased steadily in recent years due to continued innovation and introduction of new products in the market. The key to success is simple: Give customers something new and exciting to keep them coming back."

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