Showcases from Luxe Pack, Mascara, Fragrance, Brushes, and More Beauty Packaging News and Launches for Early November 2013

Ileos announced the acquisition of Aphena Health & Beauty, a division of Aphena Pharma Solutions Holdings, Inc., which specializes in turnkey development and manufacturing of sampling vehicles for the color cosmetics and fragrance industries. This acquisition reinforces Ileos’ leadership in the turnkey development and manufacture of promotional products and services for the beauty industry through its worldwide Bioplan division and its recently acquired U.S. subsidiary, Le Papillion-Bioplan USA, which will now be able to service the color cosmetics segment with blister packaging and dispensing systems technology, in addition to its other offerings.

Colep announced the acquisition of the aerosol personal care products contract manufacturing plant of a Aerosoles y Liquidos S.A de C.V., in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. The new company will trade as Colep S.A de C.V.

Aptar won first prize in the mobile cosmetics category at the 2013 Formes de Luxe Awards, held in conjunction with the 2013 Luxe Pack Monaco event, for its Cosm’in product used for a Clarins promotional campaign. The Cosm’in is an extremely thin jar with a unique open/close system that protects the formula while the pack also offers a broad, flat communication surface for additional information. Cosm’in is a product developed and patented by the Aptar Group manufactured in Europe and the U.S. by Bioplan via a partnership.

At the 2013 Luxe Pack Monaco, MWV celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Barcelona facility, MWV’s Center of Excellence for Fragrance.

HCP Packaging showcased its multi-gel and mascara technologies at Luxe Pack Monaco 2013. The company’s collection includes the Ultimate Curl (with a plastic brush), the Lash Fabricator, the S-Shaped Curl, the Lash Out, the Eye Illuminator and the Arrowhead.

Also participating at Luxe Pack Monaco 2013, Lumson presented at the Forum Innovations area in the “Today’s Major Trends” conference session. Stefano Focolari, marketing director for Lumson, highlighted four trends that are inspiring fashion, art, culture and the world of beauty. Additionally, Lumson received an award at the Prix Formes de Luxe 2013 for its TAG–Techno Airless Glass packaging, developed in a deluxe version and decorated for the Caudalie Premier Cru line.

The Luxe Pack In Green award aims to put the spotlight on eco-innovative products, and for 2013 it revealed some completely new techniques. The award went to James Cropper in recognition of its mastery of processes and in particular its eco-friendly Reclaimed Fibre Plant that is a novel and sustainable response to the issue of paper cup recycling. James Cropper has developed a process to extract cellulose fiber from PE coated paper cups. The cellulose fiber is then used to make high-quality paper, the extracted PE coating is used to generate energy, and all the residual fiber and mineral mud is used in agricultural supplements. The runner ups for the award were Tubex for its Shoulderless tube, Cosfibel for its Ultralight Foldable, and Metsa Board for its Modo Northern Light.

New Launches

At Luxe Pack Monaco 2013, MWV its Emotions of Spray Collection by MWV, an expanded line of six fragrance pumps, each with unique spray characteristics. As the fragrance industry evolves, MWV is focused on enhancing the consumer experience through the spray. The Emotions of Spray Collection offers brand owners the opportunity to create a perfect match between the fragrance and the sprayer, heightening the consumer experience, increasing brand loyalty and driving repeat purchase intent. The Emotions of Spray Collection by MWV includes the original Melodie pump, Melodie Agile and Melodie Forever, plus three new sprayers that have distinctive spray characteristics to give brand owners even more options to tailor the spray to the positioning and personality of the fragrance: Melodie Pure provides a perfect and fine atomization, even for water-based formulas, avoiding a wet feeling on the skin and enriching the luxury experience; Melodie Delicate is an infinitely discreet and elegant spray, producing an ultra-feminine experience with its small, focused spray that is both soft and quiet; and Maestro Extravagant offers an exceptionally voluminous spray mist that is refreshing and airy, with a long and sustained spray pattern, providing an exuberant and indulging experience.

Participating at the 2013 Cosmoprof Asia event, Anisa International has expanded its accessories line to includes new nail products. The new nail care products include the Nail Dotter, a trio of dotting tools to help create individual, fashionable nail looks with easy application; the Silicone Manicure Set, a functional and easy-to-clean set with a cuticle cutter, nail file, big cuticle pusher, tweezers, cuticle trimmer, scissors, fingernail clippers, toenail clippers, and small cuticle pusher, all inside a silicone pouch, available in customizable colors; and the Nail Palette, a silicone palette that allows for polish application and touch-ups, as well as to mix polishes or apply multiple colors with the nail dotter.

Chicago Paper Tube & Can Company announced the latest expansion to its line of Earth-conscious containers: the ½ oz. EcoPush (patent pending). Made from 100% paperboard, the oil-resistant EcoPush is ideal for balms, salves, solid perfume, sunscreen, and lip or whole-body balm. EcoPush was designed to replace pocket-sized plastic twist-up applicators. The dispensers contain 90% recycled paper, with 75% post-consumer content.

As part of the 2013 Luxe Pack Monaco event, Lumson exhibited its latest innovations, including its Tottle Amanda in a special CCS material (Crystal Clear Effect), a unique pack for its shine and clearness; its new Airless APP bottles with a special spray color inside in metallized versions and also in a degrade effect; and its new airless One o One bottles and Airless Stylo pens, both working with an airless piston system, and a new engine pump patented by Lumson Group with no metal components in touch with the product to help guarantee a fluid and correct dosage.

Qosmedix now offers a new line of eight Signature Pink Pro Makeup Brushes. These tools can be used for professional use, as promotional items or for retail sale. The latest additions include a Large Dome Shaped Powder/Bronzer Brush, an Angled Contour Cheek Brush, a Blending Brush, a Medium Tapered Eye Shadow Brush, a Small Tapered Eye Shadow/Concealer Brush, an Angled Eyeliner/Brow Brush, a Tapered Lip Brush and a Precision Eyeliner Brush. The high-quality brushes have pink wood handles, white nylon hair with pink tips and aluminum ferrules.

Mountains, forests, rivers and native heritage—this is the scenery that has inspired Montana, Quadpack’s new premium collection that adds a touch of wood to a skin care range. Comprising a selection of acrylic jars and airless packs with wooden caps, Montana evokes natural landscapes with wide open spaces. With Montana, Quadpack has hand-picked a number of jars and bottles and adorned them with ash caps from Technotraf. With pre-developed inner caps and a perfect fit to each container, Montana significantly reduces time to market for any company looking to launch a skin care range. Montana is ideal for prestige brands wanting to add a wooden component to their packaging. The caps offer more than a sense of luxury and tradition. They are also completely natural and offer an interesting texture, with a better grip and an authentic feel. Both the jars and the airless bottles have a dual-wall structure, with a smooth, clear SAN outer and PP inner wall, for optimum compatibility. The bottles use Yonwoo technology for a longer shelf life and protection against external contaminants. They are available in 15, 30, 40 and 50 ml capacities. The jars come in 15, 30, 50, 100 and 200 ml, and t he Montana range can be decorated using a variety of techniques, while the caps, also available in beech, can be laser-etched and finished in a choice of textures and colors.

New on the Shelves

HCP Packaging collaborated with Japonesque on its new color cosmetics range, which is composed of ten stock products, including the Velvet Touch Finishing Powder (using the Radii Square Large Compact), the Velvet Touch Concealer (using the Radii Square Small Compact), the Velvet Touch Blush (using the Radii Square Medium Compact), the Pro Performance Lipstick (using the Radii Round Lipstick), the Pro Performance Lip Laquer (using the Radii Square Lip Gloss), the Velvet Touch Eyeshadow, available in singles, duos and palettes (using the Radii Square Small and Large Compacts) and Lash Loading/Lash Lengthening Mascaras (using 55G packs with volume/i-brush). The gel finish is hand-generated, rendering each component an original and unique piece. All the components are finished with swirled gel and one pass white screen print. The gel itself is a specific mixture of epoxy resin and color pigments that are cured to a long lasting, hard shine.

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