Lush Goes Hyper Digital in Tokyo


Be it sustainably-sourced ingredients or refillable packaging, Lush has made its commitment to sustainability known. And now, at its new mega store in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, the company is taking it a step further—eschewing signage and price tags.

Through the company’s Lush Labs app, guests can scan “naked” (packaging-free) products to learn more about them, including ingredients, pricing and tutorials on how to use them, reports

“Over the twelve years we’ve been looking at digital technologies and over the last three or four we’ve been focusing on how we want to ethically behave in that arena based on the way we are as a business,” Jack Constantine Lush chief digital officer told the publication.

“We’ve always looked at packaging free products, what ingredients we use and how we can look after the environment — and technology plays a big role in everyone’s lives. Technology for us now is about becoming digital packaging, evolving our ethics to the next step and providing information so we no longer need to have labels.”

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Other features include a shoppable window—active 24/7, passersby can scan and buy products, with the products delivered directly to their door in fully recyclable and compostable packaging.

According to the company, 50% of its products are now sold naked—including shampoo bars, shower jellies and the signature bath bombs. When they have to use packaging, they offer incentives for customers to return them for recycling.

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