Omya Highlights its Features at in-cosmetics Global 2018


Omya has a variety of features to present during in-cosmetics Global 2018 and has provided a preview of its core products to be expected at the show.

Omyacare consists of natural, pure white minerals with numerous particle sizes and offers natural mechanical cleaning functionality. It also stabilizes the acidic pH of the mouth and protects teeth from acidic attacks.

Omyascrub is utilized for scrubbing applications and can be used to replace micro plastic beads, in addition to plant-based abrasives. Different particle structures focus on specific properties such as exfoliation or skin renewal and regeneration.

Omyaskin particles are used for decorative cosmetics, which can be combined with other Omya distribution portfolio products such as botanical colorants, natural antioxidants and pigments. A makeup artist will be at the show to demonstrate the properties and performance of a variety of applications such as lipstick and foundations.

Omyadent not only reduces sensitivity, but also promotes a smooth surface, cleaning and whitening teeth simultaneously. Its particles are formulated into toothpaste applications and it has remineralizing properties.

At the booth, attendees can find the company’s experts who will show how calcium carbonate allows for easy customization, focusing on innovative, environmentally friendly, safe and functional applications.

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