Firmenich Commits to Gender Equality


Firmenich has committed to becoming a 100% certified gender equality employer in 2018, the company has announced.

For 2018, the company plans on making equal pay a global standard across all of its operations. Firmenich regularly benchmarks its global compensation structure in an effort to ensure workplace equity and fairness. In 2015, it was certified as an Equal Pay Employer by the Swiss government.

“In line with the Firmenich values, we consistently offer equal opportunities for all our colleagues to thrive around the world,” said CEO Gilbert Ghostine. “Building on our certification by the Swiss government as an Equal Pay Employer, I am proud to be making this benchmark our global standard today. This is not only the right thing to do for society but also for business!”

“Equality is embedded across Firmenich at all levels, starting at the top with our executive committee, counting seven nationalities and one third of women,” said Mieke van de Capelle, chief human resources officer. “Globally, our female colleagues represent 40% of our workforce and 36% of our senior management. By being certified as a 100% gender equality employer, we are reaching our next level of excellence, going far beyond equal pay, with clear benchmarks to measure our success transparently.”

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