Givaudan Active Beauty Introduces Sensoria


Givaudan Active Beauty has unveiled Sensoria, a sensory concept that brings together fine fragrance and cosmetics.

Sensoria combines fine fragrance and sensorial ingredients into cosmetics actives. Each of the highly perfumed emulsions contains active ingredients for anti-aging. These include:

  • Vetivyne—Discovered from exhausted vetiver roots, offers anti-aging benefits, plumping effects and long-lasting properties to enhance fragrance wear
  • Neurophroline—An Ayruvedic extract with stress-blocking action and anti-pollution protection
  • BisaboLife—A 100% sustainable bisabolol with deep soothing properties
  • BlurHD—A gardenia extract with anti-aging and antioxidant properties

The emulsions are packaged in black and gold droplets, in a custom-made box.

“In an ever-changing world, consumers are willing to experience more and dive into new universes engaging their senses and reenchanting their emotions,” said innovation and marketing director Fabrice Lefèvre. “Sensoria is a highly technical concept leveraging synergies between high levels of perfume oil, sensory ingredients and cosmetic actives. The result is incredible: it creates a holistic sensorial experience. We’re very proud to inspire our customers and groundbreaking innovative concepts.”

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