Aflex Hose's Bioflex Ultra Selected by Perfume Maker

Technology simplifies cleaning and other manufacturing steps.
Technology simplifies cleaning and other manufacturing steps.

Aflex Hose, a manufacturer of flexible PTFE hoses, has equipped a fluid transfer line at an undisclosed perfume manufacturer in France.

Since 2004, the production site has specialized in the manufacture and packaging of alcohol-based and alcohol-free perfumes, cosmetics and body milks, lotions and makeup removers.

The cleaning process of the previous system was not done through cleaning in place (CIP), therefore new fluid transfer hoses were required in order to withstand 95% alcohol and steam at 7 bar working pressure.

The existing silicone hoses also had limitations; they absorbed, leaked and internal parts degraded as a result of the sterilization in place (SIP) system, per Aflex.

Consequently, the perfume manufacturer has since used Aflex’s Bioflex Ultra products in order to meet the ATEX and FDA certification requirements. Certa 250 sinusoidal pumps and 701 peristaltic pumps with Q-clamp BioPure connectors were already in use in the production site for other applications.

The Bioflex Ultra features a smooth PTFE liner, uninterrupted flow rate and cleanable surfaces. The patented PTFE lining is resistant to chemicals and temperature extremes from -73°C to 260°C.

the PTFE lining allows the hoses can expand on the outside of a bend and compress on the inside of a bend. This helps to retain a smooth circular bore throughout the length of hose without deformation, per Aflex.

The Beaded PTFE-lined sanitary tri-clamp design also acts as a seal, without flow restriction or retention zone, eliminating the risk of contamination as the only material in contact with the process fluids is the PTFE.

The multiple-certified PTFE lining is reinforced with a helix spiral wire and braid, both made from 316 Stainless Steel, and then with an external blue EPDM rubber cover to conform to the EN 16643 standard.

The hoses are manufactured without using any adhesives between the different layers, avoiding any possibility of contamination.

A successful one-month trial was performed with the manufacturers mascara production, which included daily cleaning of the hoses.

The manufacturer was made aware that some of the products being processed—such as face cream—were at risk of static electricity build-up and discharges, as well as potential hose failure due to the cleaning process. A PTFE lining containing 2.5 % carbon, providing antistatic properties was recommended.

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