UNIPEX Group Acquires Atrium Innovations Division

UNIPEX Group announced the completion of its acquisition of the Active Ingredients & Specialty Chemicals Division of Atrium Innovations Inc., with the new group being held by its management team and the AXA Private Equity investment fund. UNIPEX Group operational headquarters will remain in Quebec City with the current team under the leadership of Charles Boulanger, president and CEO.

UNIPEX Group specializes in the manufacture and distribution of active ingredients, specialty and base chemicals for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, specialty and industrial chemical and nutrition industries. It has operations in more than 50 countries. In 2007, the firm achieved sales of more than $220 million, maintaining sustained growth in Europe, North America and Asia.

"Melding the various firms we have acquired within UNIPEX Group will enable us to consolidate our operations and provide the strategic advantage of a comprehensive solution ranging from active ingredient research and development to manufacturing and marketing, distribution, logistics, and cosmetovigilance services," said Boulanger. "This grouping under a single brand will help create a more uniform relationship with our clients and promote stronger synergy among our teams. Overall, we will be able to further develop our expertise, increase our ability to innovate, and thus realize the full potential of our strategic plan."

UNIPEX Group will continue to operate the firms acquired in this transaction under three trade-specific identities—including UNIPEX Innovations, which will include the global operations for development, manufacture and marketing of proprietary active ingredients targeted at the cosmetic industry.
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