Arrowpak Founder Remembered By Industry

Gino Nahum, founder of Arrowpak, passed away on December 21, 2008. He was 86. He started the company with his wife and several partners in 1980. He is remembered by family, friends and customers for his integrity and business skill.

“My father loved to work,” says Michelle Nahum-Albright. “He only stopped going to the office three years ago. He loved the people at the office like a second family.”

Essie Weingarten, founder of Essie Cosmetics, worked with him from the time she started her business. “Twenty-eight years ago when I was about to start my business I was fortunate enough to meet Gino Nahum,” says Weingarten. “Gino was a special kind of person who loved his business and really cared about his customers ...Gino became part of my family. He was there from day one and really enjoyed being part of our growth.”

Vince Brady founded Brad-Pak in 1985 and quickly became an Arrowpak customer. He said Nahum, whom he had known as a friend since the late 1970s, extended credit to him when he needed it most. He remembers Nahum as a great human being and an astute businessman who always seemed to know what to buy before everyone else. “He was a very daring guy... and he was right most of the time,” says Brady.


“The cosmetics industry meant so much to him,” said Nahum-Albright. “He was not just excited by the art of the deal, but by being around people and working with them.” Nahum was a member over the years in a number of industry organizations including C.I.B.S. (Cosmetic Industry Buyers and Suppliers) and ICMAD (Independent Cosmetics Manufacturers and Distributors).

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