BASF Specifies Restructuring Plans; Ciba Acquisition

BASF has finalized its plans for the integration of Ciba Holding AG, which it acquired in April 2009. Under the plans, former Ciba businesses are to be integrated into the operating divisions in BASF’s performance products segment where, according to the company, their potential can best be realized and developed. The integration will involve extensive restructuring measures that BASF expects to generate synergies of at least €400 million per year from 2012 onward. By the end of 2010, savings of approximately €300 million are to be achieved. At the same time, the integration process is expected to entail cash costs totaling approximately €550 million, about €150 million thereof in 2009.

The restructuring plans include a reduction of approximately 3,700 positions by 2013, the majority of which will be eliminated by the end of 2010. BASF is reviewing strategic options—including restructuring, sale or closure for 23 of the 55 former Ciba production sites worldwide. Decisions will be made about these sites by the end of the first quarter of 2010. The remaining 32 production sites are to be optimized as part of BASF’s global production network or restructured. By the end of 2010, BASF also aims to consolidate 36 of the former Ciba’s 70 sales and administrative offices and research sites with existing BASF activities.

“This is unfortunately not good news for some of our employees,” said Jürgen Hambrecht, chairman, BASF. “But the combined businesses can be successful in the long term only if we optimize them and exploit the full potential for synergies. I promise all our employees that we will keep the period of uncertainty as short as possible and will make decisions in a fair and transparent way.”

Key elements of the integration include:

  • Ciba’s plastic additives business will be integrated into the Performance Chemicals division. This will extend BASF’s portfolio to cover important product segments such as UV stabilizers and antioxidants;
  • The majority of Ciba’s water treatment business will be integrated into the performance chemicals division. A strategy for the water treatment business will be developed by 2010;
  • Ciba’s home and personal care business will be integrated into the existing structure of the care chemicals division.

BASF will report details of non-cash integration costs as part of its second-quarter interim reporting on July 30, 2009.

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