Martin Stick and Shake Adhesive Mounting System


Martin Vibration Systems & Solutions, a global provider of industrial vibration equipment, has introduced the Martin Stick and Shake Adhesive Mounting System, a mounting solution for bins, hoppers and chutes which requires no welding, dripping or tapping.

The system is designed to adhere to circumferences of less than 24 inches/610 millimeters, including high arcs, odd angles and limited spaces. It is available for the company’s NTK 8AL HA, NTS 80 and NTP 18 vibrators, and provides all necessary components, including stainless steel face plate, mounting studs, lock washers and hex nuts, two-component adhesive cartridge, mixing nozzle, double sided adhesive strips and a convenient applicator gun.

It is compatible with clean surfaces, and the glue adheres to common industrial structural materials. The low-noise, pneumatic, piston-driven Bantam series units can be mounted in any position.

By adhering directly to the wall of a hopper, bin or chute, operators are better able to apply focused energy directly to the blockage site, improving material flow with less force.  The result is more effective material flow at choke points, higher efficiency and reduced maintenance time.

A single worker can install the mounting system in just a few minutes.  In 24 hours for full cure of the adhesive, the vibrator can be mounted, installed and working in the same business day. To operate, units require 3-way normally closed valve and 5-micron filter regulator.

“This as a game-changer for small applications,” said Mike Lindbeck, vice president of sales and marketing.  “As processors seek to improve speed and efficiency, they need vibration for consistent material flow.  Now, they finally have a solution for these difficult applications.”

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