Hush & Hush Nutraceuticals for the Mind, Hair & Aging

Hush & Hush addresses needs for the hair, aging, and sleep and anxiety.
Hush & Hush addresses needs for the hair, aging, and sleep and anxiety.

Early data shows that the COVID-19 outbreak has made wellness concerns more important than ever, a strong boost to the already thriving ingestibles/supplemets crossover in beauty. Enter Hush & Hush luxury nutraceuticals, a trio of supplements comprising nutrients, minerals, complexes and vitamins.

The brand was founded by Marc Ronert, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon, and his wife, Janna Ronert, founder of Image Skincare.

The range comprises three formulations: 

  • TimeCapsule (MSRP $65/$48.75 per month subscription) focuses on aging and blue light defense. Key ingredients include marine collagen, ginseng root powder, purslane herb and astaxanthin.
  • DeeplyRooted (MSRP $75/$56.25 per month subscription) addresses hair health, particularly strength and damage repair. Key ingredients include biotin, Korean ginseng root, Resvenox resveratrol, saw palmetto 45% fatty acids, hydrolyzed fish collagen and ashwagandha root extract. 
  • MindYourMind (MSRP $55/$41.25 per month subscription) imparts a "state of tranquility for your mind, body and soul," per the brand. Key ingredients include holy basil leaf, GABA, magnesium, L-tryptophan, Rhodiola rosea root and chamomile.

“The premise behind every Hush & Hush formulation is science, transparency and transformative results," says Dr. Ronert. "We spent years developing precise, potent formulations that lend themselves to products that are the missing piece of the puzzle we all need to look and feel our best and live younger, longer. Hush & Hush is all about providing consumers with luxury nutraceuticals—a first in the wellness and beauty space—that consists of top-notch ingredients, the best formulations and absolutely zero concessions.” 

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