Salty Box Debuts Spa Inspired Monthly Subscription Box


With the popularity of monthly beauty subscription boxes continuously on the rise, Salty Bath has launched its own mini spa version. Each Salty Bath box comes with a variety of small-batch bath soaks, body products, healing crystals, candles, soaps and bath bombs.

In recent years there has been more focus on a healthy mind, body and spirit that consumers are quickly buying into.This allows Salty Box to fit into that niche personal care market.

Salty Bath co-founder Tami McCarthy explained, “If we do just a few things regularly, to renew our energy and revitalize our spirit, we can be fully present in our own lives, enjoy life more and provide for our families from a place of abundance. That works a whole lot better for everyone involved. With Salty Bath, we want to be the transformation agent that helps you get the job of self-care done, because we know it will help you reduce stress, and sleep better, plus our soaks will eliminate toxins from your body, soothe tired muscles and joints, and replenish you with the nurturing you need to thrive in this crazy-busy world.”

Boxes start at $27.95 per month. To find out more visit:

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