V Shaving Brand Launches in US

V offers multiple razor colors and finishes
V offers multiple razor colors and finishes

V, a new female shaving company that offers multiple colors and finishes is launching in the United States.

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According to the brand, the razors were designed after listening to consumers' needs which included:

  • Slightly weighted handle designed for precision control and sensitive skin
  • Different and fun colors
  • Handles that comes in gloss, shimmer, metallic and matte finishes
  • Fun packaging
  • Good for the environment

V reportedly is the first female razor to feature pop-in pop-out blade technology using precision German blades including a metal travel carrying case cylinder.

The luxury razors are designed to last longer than its competitors.

Launching in the first quarter of 2021, V will feature one handle and three refills in a metal travel cylinder. The product will be available online at ShavewithV.com and major retailers.

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