[survey] Perfect365 Finds 36% of Women Only Buy Cruelty-free Beauty


Perfect365 recently surveyed 15,000 women within its app platform on the topic of cruelty-free cosmetics. 

The Survey Found...

  • 36% of women surveyed said they would only buy from cruelty-free beauty brands;
  • 46% said they were happy California proposed a bill that would ban any beauty products that have been tested on animals;
  • 24% said they were aware and used PETA's website to identify brands utilizing cruelty-free manufacturing methods; and
  • 43% said they would stop using products from a brand that tested on animals.

Cara Harbor, director of marketing at Perfect365, said “Based on our recent user survey, data seems to suggest a large percentage of the younger generation of women are expressing concerns about the testing of beauty products on animals. While animal testing has remained mostly unregulated, this study shows it is something beauty brands will really need to think about moving forward to meet consumer demands.”

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