Powder Power DIY Palette


Mktg Industry has launched its Powder Power DIY Palette. 

The brand explains that this palette introduces a do-it-yourself system to the concept of traditional makeup palettes. 

The 5 Step DIY System

  • Consumers can choose a base containing different makeup formulas, shapes and sizes, examples include a contouring kit, strobing kit, eyeshadows kit and lip kit;
  • Consumers can then select a personal skin-cover with different colors, finishings or graphics;
  • Using the Sliding DIY Magnetic System, the base and cover can be easily connected; 
  • The palette is ready to be used; additionally
  • Consumers can change the skin-cover the base according to makeup needs and occasions.

According to Mktg Industry, the palette is available with a wide range of customizations and decorations, including 4-color printing, screen printing, hot stamping, shiny/matte finishing, UV lacquering and special paper. 

Mktg Industry added, "This revolutionary palette is entirely made in cardboard and paper, composed by two parts held together by a sliding system and six magnets: a base to contain the makeup formulas and a skin-cover. The sliding system works with the six magnets inserted under the paper that allows the palette to slide open and close, to separate the skin-cover from the base and at the same time to easily reassemble them according to taste, look, occasion or mood."

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