Sanitize and Cleanse with Qosmedix


Qosmedix has announced the addition of two products from the Cinema Secrets Cleansing Collection to its product catalog.

The Makeup Sanitizing Spray is a lab-tested spray that is meant to kill germs and remove bacteria from powder, creams and other makeup products. The spray is available in 2 oz and 6 oz sizes.

The Brush and Sponge Cleansing Shampoo was created to maintain the quality of makeup brushes and sponges by preventing the buildup of makeup, bacteria and oil. The shampoo is available in 2 oz and 6 oz sizes.

Sari Sternschein, VP of marketing at Qosmedix said, “Now more than ever it is so important that we provide products to support hygienic makeup application. We are thrilled to be able to provide these necessary items from Cinema Secrets, a brand that is well respected in the makeup artist community.”

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