Data: The Future of Beauty

93.1% of beauty brands will invest in A.I skin tech for their brand.
93.1% of beauty brands will invest in A.I skin tech for their brand.

AI firm Skin Match Technology has released a survey that identified top beauty concepts and where beauty players, including The Alpha Men, Bears with Benefits, Nui Cosmetics and beauty retailer CosBar, see the future headed.

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Findings of the survey:

  • 93.1% of respondents will invest in AI skin tech for their brand. Skin tech can be defined as a foundation shade finder, skin and hair care adviser, or an INCI explainer.
  • 63.3% of respondents say it will take longer than we think for the beauty industry to become fully sustainable. 27% say they see a completely sustainable future for the industry in just a few years and 10% say they never see it happening.
  • 57% of respondents say they see a fully diverse future for the beauty industry. 36% agree it will take longer than expected.
  • 83% of respondents agree that the concept of beauty is becoming more relatable and real. However, 17% say that beauty is still very narrow and one form of beauty is accepted. 
  • 50% of respondents think that the future is with niche brands. However, 50% say that niche brands will never outrun the beauty vets. 
  • 27% of respondents agree that retail shopping will never go away. However, 69% say that although it won't disappear, there will be many changes. 
  • 83% of respondents admit that the beauty industry does not do enough to create a clean and sustainable future. 

Beauty brands revealed that these following markets are set to grow the most in the future:

  1. Clean beauty
  2. Male beauty and skin care
  3. Supplements
  4. DIY clinical skin care
  5. CBD beauty

As a result of a changing retail landscape, those surveyed identified these developments that should be expected in beauty stores (online or retail) in the future:

  1. Apps to measure skin healing progress (acne/anti-aging)
  2. Augmented reality to test products
  3. Virtual assistants (bots, quiz/tech, real people)
  4. Wearable beauty tech (sun/pollution detector)
  5. E-makeup (filters)
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