Orange Blossom is the Scent for Summer, Says Tru Fragrance

Tru Fragrance announced Orange Blossom as the seasonal HipNote for summer. Orange blossom, a white floral with a lush feminine aroma, has traditionally been seen as a symbol of good fortune and eternal love and the scent is synonymous with the nostalgic memories of warm summer months and a beach environment.

One of the rare plants that blooms and bears fruit at the same time, all parts of the orange tree are used in fragrance for different intentions, and the flowers, being one of the most fragrant, are a frequently desired ingredient in perfumery. HipNote Orange Blossom is extracted from the plant’s delicate white flowers and creates a creamy, rich floral scent.

“Full floral notes are making a comeback as society reacts to the warmer gourmand fragrances that have been trending for some time now,” said Amy Braden, director of product development for Tru Fragrance. “Orange blossom is a sensual floral that invokes so many emotions and memories. People keep coming back to it—it’s a scent they love to spend time with over and over again.”

HipNote Orange Blossom features top notes of peach blossom, driftwood and freesia, layered with gardenia, and finished with notes of amber, sand accord and almond milk—all delicately woven together to create this luxurious note.

This season’s HipNote was created by Patricia Choux, perfumer of fragrance house Takasago. With a career perfumery spanning more than 20 years, Choux has had a hand in creating many fine fragrances including Marc Jacobs Orange Splash, Michael Kors Very Pretty, Jo Malone Blue Agava and Cacao, among others.

Orange blossom will bloom in summer’s hottest fragrances including >em>Orange Blossom Body & Soul Spray Nest for Women, Mahina by Molton Brown, Sahara Noir by Tom Ford, Philosophy's Field of Flowers, and Eau de Lacoste.

HipNote Orange Blossom is available as a limited edition fragrance by request on the Hipnozes by Tru Fragrance Facebook page, an interactive online community that connects consumers who share a passion for fragrance, beauty and fashion.

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