Independent Fragrance Subscription Service Fragrance Republ!c Launches

Fragrance Republ!c is a unique, new club for fragrance aficionados and enthusiasts everywhere. Modeled on principles of artistic freedom, democratic voting and active participation, its members are known as "citizens,” and each month citizens receive an exclusive fragrance delivered to their home by mail and are encouraged to rate it, suggest names and offer insights in Fragrance Republ!c’s online forum—a sampling subscription service for fine fragrance. In addition, citizens receive invitations to special fragrance events, which include meet-and-greets with top perfumers from around the world and master fragrance classes.

“We have no problem with brand name or celebrity fragrances, but let’s face it—they’re not for everybody,” says Fragrance Republ!c co-founders Bradley and Jonina Skaggs. “Sometimes you want something special, unique and distinctive.” The Skaggs teamed up with Francois Duquesne and Manuel Varliette of Beauty Enterprise to create new scents. “This community offers you access to fragrances that have never been released before,” says Duquesne. “Our fragrances are original yet accessible and are not created by creative directions, marketing departments, financial goals or celebrity endorsements, but by the most legitimate people in our industry: the perfumers that create them with no boundaries at all.”

Members can choose from several plans and timespans. The yearly plan can be billed $29/month annually with two months free, or they can do $35 each month recurring. Fragrance Republ!c also offers a three-month membership for $100 and a six-month membership for $200. Each month members/citizens receive an exclusive 15 ml bottle of fragrance. In addition, every fragrance released is sold on Fragrance Republ!c’s website so if a citizen likes a fragrance, they can repurchase 15 ml or 75 ml bottles while stock lasts, as the scents are produced in limited editions and can only be reissued by popular vote. Citizens receive a 20% discount on additional fragrances and even non-members can purchase for full price on the site.

Fragrance Republ!c is also broken into several membership levels that allow different interactive activities. A “Senator” is the highest level. In addition to all membership benefits, Senators can submit their stories for a chance to work with a perfumer on their scent. They also can sit for two months on the rotating Fragrance Republ!c advisory board, which determines the future fragrances to be released.

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