Way Out Wax & Palm Done Right Create Organic Palm Wax Candle

The candles are available in 18-pack votive boxes
The candles are available in 18-pack votive boxes

Way Out Wax and Palm Done Right have created a candle made with 100% organic palm wax.

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Organic palm wax from Natural Habitats, which is the supplier of Palm Done Right, is organic, deforestation-free, wildlife-friendly, fair and social.

The candles are available in 18-pack votive boxes and contain greater than 80% organic ingredients. 

These aromatherapy candles feature fragrances including Citrus Harmony, Northern Forest, Cozy Home, Clear Head, Sweet Dream and Essential Love. 

Anna Barrett, owner of Way Out Wax, said: “Palm Done Right is the answer to our candle-making prayers. For years, we’ve been on a mission to make the cleanest burning candles on the market and we are always pushing the envelope to create the most natural, most sustainable products. Having a partner like Palm Done Right allows us to confidently build a new model for truly sustainable candles—with 100% ingredient transparency and proof that if everyone cares along the way, you can deliver something you can really feel good about."

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