#Hairties: New Video Series to 'Open Up the Possibilities of Black Hair'


Un-ruly.com, a digital beauty platform focused on black women and their hair, has partnered with Smooth ‘N Shine to present a seven-part video series, #Hairties, encouraging black women to embrace their natural hair.

#Hairties shares the stories of six women across three generations, their hair journeys and the message they want to pass down to the next generation of black women.

Founder of Un-ruly, Antonia Opiah, was quoted saying, “The goal of the project isn’t to encourage black women to be natural or to wear their hair in any one particular way, but rather to help eliminate the ‘wrong’ that might still exist when it comes to black hair and how we view it, and in doing so open up the possibilities of black hair. Why now? We’re creating this message because this generation of black women–as a result of changes in technology and mass communication–play a bigger role in creating beauty standards, so we’re in a position to shape how the next generation views their hair.”

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