INOLEX Launches Multi-Functional Conditioning Agents


INOLEX has launched two conditioning polymers for hair care: ClariSilk (INCI: Polyester-11) and ClariSoft (INCI: Trimethylolpropane tricaprylate/tricaprate (and) Polyester-11).

Both were tested in clear shampoos and 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners. Advanced conditioning properties were also proven with the ingredients for non-foaming, silicone-free conditioning cleaners, which gained traction in developed hair care markets.


While the additive helps reduce static charge, it also helps improve:

  • Combing and detangling,
  • Lathering,
  • Softness and
  • Shine.


For healthy hair during and after shampooing, this ingredient provides:

  • Styling,
  • Softness,
  • Lathering,
  • Moisture,
  • Manageability and more.

For more information about the two additives, visit the Cosmetics & Toiletries website

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