Dyson's Hair Straightener Styles with 'Half the Damage'

Photo courtesy of brand.
Photo courtesy of brand.

The Dyson Corrale hair straightener was created to provide users with "enhanced styling and half the damage."

According to Dyson, the straightener utilizes manganese copper alloy plates that flex around the hair to gather it. This extra control reportedly allows users to create the same style but with less heat and ultimately less damage. 

In addition, Dyson explained that the tool was also created to impact styling. Dyson Corrale is meant to offer 50% less breakage, reduced frizz and fewer flyaways. 

The straightener was designed without a cord and can style hair for 30 minutes before needing a recharge. Dyson Corrale fully recharges after 70 minutes of being placed in its charging dock. 


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