Pantene and IGK Hair Had Some Major Influence at Coachella


During the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, #FestivalHair helped earn Pantene and IGK Hair a significant amount of Earned Media Value (EMV).

EMV is Tribe Dynamics’ proprietary metric for quantifying the estimated value of consumer engagement with digital earned media.

Pantene at Coachella

According to Tribe Dynamics:

  • Pantene achieved an 86% month-over-month (MoM) growth and reached $3.9M EMV.
  • Mentions of "Coachella" netted $1.4M EMV, while #PanteneFestivalHair garnered $1.2M EMV as the brand’s No. 2 April hashtag behind #ad ($1.4M EMV).
  • Forty-four ambassadors used #PanteneFestivalHair across 99 posts, with 32 influencers including the tag in multiple pieces of content.
  • Many influencers promoted the festival’s Pantene Style Lounge in a series of sponsored posts, while others organically tagged the brand in content focused on festival hairstyles.

IGK Hair at Coachella

Tribe Dynamics stated:

  • IGK Hair experienced a 41% MoM growth.
  • A range of influencers tagged the brand in their festival looks, including musician Montana Tucker (@montanatucker on Instagram) and blogger Violet Benson (@violetbenson).
  • Mentions of "Coachella" drove $592.4K EMV for IGK Hair.
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