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Joey Chancis, CEO, and her mother, Arlyne Roer, president, Joey New York
Joey Chancis, CEO, and her mother, Arlyne Roer, president, Joey New York
With a spa-focused skin care line for professional use and a complementary retail line for home use, Joey New York has made the most out of its recent brand launch. The new company’s founding mother-daughter team—president Arlyne Roer and CEO (and namesake) Joey Chancis—spoke with GCI magazine about how topical alternatives to Botox, at-home spa regimens and hand-held skin care devices are affecting their budding global business.

GCI: What’s your opinion of the growing trend of spa clients wanting to take the spa experience home into their skin care regimens, and how do your products answer to this demand?

Joey Chancis and Arlyne Roer: We believe the “spa at-home experience” is not only a growing trend but will become a way of life. With the busy lifestyles that women are leading—juggling career, family, exercise and social activities—there is very little time left to pamper at a spa. The demand to look great while doing all of this is why the spa at home is becoming so popular. Our products are specifically designed for people who are on-the-go, yet who want to look good. Our products are designed to multitask, and we are known for our one-minute at-home spa treatments with instant, visible results and long-term benefits. This way, you get instant gratification and at the same time correct and/or prevent the aging process. Our products are used professionally by estheticians and high-end spas and resorts, and we make these products available for at-home use.

GCI: What’s your take on the new at-home dermatological device craze? Is Joey New York looking into expanding into the skin care device market, or are you considering releasing special skin care products to complement at-home derm and LED devices?

Joey Chancis: Joey New York’s expertise remains in actual skin care formulations. We have no plans on offering any type of devices for at-home use. We would prefer to leave this strictly for professional use. Skin care products can be extremely effective and even more effective in some cases than at-home devices. I’m not exactly sure about the safety and efficacy of at-home devices.

GCI: Joey New York produces non-surgical dermatological fixes. How have the industry’s wide array of new topical and ingestible skin care alternatives to Botox affected your product launches?

Joey Chancis and Arlyne Roer: The beauty of Joey New York is that we are always one step ahead of the game. We are truly trendsetters. This is what sets us apart from everyone else. When we launch a product that is innovative and the first of its kind, we expect to have others try to duplicate it. By the time other companies jump on the bandwagon, we are already launching something new. We just launched Wrinkle Sprinkle on QVC, a powder to emulsion wrinkle smoother. This is the first of its kind. Let’s see how long it takes before we see others try to develop this product.

GCI: What have been the milestones thus far in your career?

Joey Chancis: There have been so many great things and moments during the span of our careers, but they all seem to blend in together as the growing process, and sometimes its little things that mean so much to us. I think more than anything it is the acceptance into the beauty world—being recognized and appreciated. That is a gradual process, but we acknowledge this on a daily basis as a milestone.

GCI: What is key to balancing your business and personal lives, and how do you relieve stress?

Joey Chancis: The key to balancing all aspects of your life is to put everything into perspective and never compromise anything that you do. When I’m at work, I’m working; when I’m with my family, I’m with my family. In other words, focus on what is in front of you and what you can control right now. Obviously, multitasking is important when you have family, but probably the most important tricks and tips that work for me is to think ahead, plan ahead, have back up plans in place and write everything down. Lists and lists and lists. There is nothing better than crossing off things that have been accomplished on your list. For stress relief, it’s simple—music, exercise, fresh air or a bubble bath.

GCI: Speaking of relaxation, where is your favorite destination?

Joey Chancis: A trip to the spa for a massage. My favorite spas are Las Ventanas, The Sanctuary and Willow Stream Spa at Turnberry.

GCI: You also mentioned your love of music. If it were mandatory karaoke night, what would you be singing?

Joey Chancis: Elvis’ “A Little Less Conversation.”

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