Shiseido Acquires Synthetic Skin Technology from Olivo Labs


Shiseido has made a deal with a Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical company, Olivo Laboratories, to acquire its synthetic skin technology. 

According to the company's website, Olivo Film is designed to act as a second skin and consists of a tunable polysiloxane-based material that mimics youthful skin. The film can be engineered to provide a variety of targeted properties, including elasticity, breathability, invisibility, water resistance and protection.

The website goes on to explain that the in situ cross-linking ensures long-lasting skin adhesion, and generates a protective barrier to external chemical and mechanical insults that keeps the skin dry, even upon water contact. The ability to optimally balance oxygen and moisture permeability potentially provides ideal conditions for skin healing. The invisible polymer layer is derived from a tunable polysiloxane-based material platform that can be engineered to deliver a variety of specific material properties.

A technology of this nature can be applied to undereye treatments and other skin care concerns. 

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed. 

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