Why Brands Need to Pay Attention to Micro-influencers


Are the days of beauty influencers numbered? 

According to vitrual beauty app company, Perfect365, yes, but not in the way you would expect. 

Perfect365 has released a report, "Macro vs. Micro Influencers - Who is more valuable for your business?", in which the engagement of mega-, macro- and micro-influencers are analyzed. According to the report, mega influencers are on the way out while micro-influencers are just getting started. 

The report states...

  • Influencers with 4,000-100,000 followers see 2.4% engagement;
  • Influencers with 1,000 and 4,000 followers see a 4.5% engagement;
  • 94% of consumers see the micro-influencer as someone who is highly knowledgeable about their niche;
  • 82% of these consumers are ‘highly likely’ to follow the recommendations of a micro-influencer; and
  • A micro-influencer has a 22% higher buying conversion than a regular customer.

For the full report, please visit www.perfect365.com

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