Pride and Joy: MAC Celebrates Pride Month

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MAC’s commitment to LGBTQ initiatives is more than 20 years strong, perhaps most notably through its VIVA Glam line of collaborations (launched in 1994) and the MAC AIDS Fund. This June, the cosmetics giant is continuing the legacy.

In celebration of Pride Month, each of its more than 4,200 full-time employees have received a $25 voucher, which they may donate to the eligible LGBTQ non-profit of their choice. Additionally, the company will sponsor, or has sponsored, nine regional pride celebrations, including those in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Houston and New York City.

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To learn more about these events and initiatives, we asked a few questions to Nancy Mahon, senior vice president of global corporate citizenship and sustainability for The Estée Lauder Companies; senior vice president, MAC Cosmetics; and global executive director of the MAC AIDS Fund.

Global Cosmetic Industry: Why is Pride such a significant movement/event for MAC?

Mahon: Our brand and products are built on inclusivity - for decades, our credo has been All Ages, All Races, All Genders. This month we’re so happy to help celebrate and empower our colleagues and the folks in communities we call our homes. For MAC, this month is not just about celebrating how far we’ve come - but for shining light on how far we have left to go to support the global LGBTQ community.

What are some of the initiatives MAC has in place for Pride month?

First, we’ll have a presence at more pride celebrations across North America than ever including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Houston, and New York City.  Our employees, friends and family will march through the streets showing their pride. Additionally, during June, we’re empowering every full time M∙A∙C employee across the nation to give back by giving them each a $25 donation voucher specifically for LGBT-focused charity in their community. That’s 4,200 employees across the country. We’ll not only show our pride in the streets, we’ll directly support those in need.

How did you select which pride celebrations to sponsor?

Last year we had such great response from our New York and Los Angeles Pride celebration partnerships from employees, fans and friends that we decided to expand this year. We chose cities where MAC has a strong presence so that our artists could have the opportunity to go out into their community and celebrate diversity - a value we instill in each and every employee.

Will fans be able to find a MAC presence at the sponsored celebrations? If so, what can they expect?

Fans can check out to find a M∙A∙C pride celebration near them. Depending on the city our employees will be at festivals giving out goodies, creating Pride-themed makeup looks and hundreds of employees will be marching through the streets to sound off on why they’re proud - fans are welcome to join!

Is there anything else our readers should know about M∙A∙C’s Pride initiatives?

Pride is something we celebrate every day, not just in June. Since 1994 we’ve raised over $480 million through the sale of Viva Glam lip products - helping us support LGBT organizations around the world. We believe not just in celebrating those that are proud, but in shining a light on voices that often go unheard around the world. We’ll continue to do so with events and projects like these.

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