New Study Attacks Cosmetic Advertising Claims

Cosmetic advertising claims regarding product superiority are false, while scientific claims tend to be vague and omit key information, according to a new analysis of ads from the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing.

The report claims that performance claims were also vague, while endorsement claims were generally "acceptable."

"This article presented the genesis and current status of cosmetics claims and suggested that more regulations need to be developed," the authors write.

The authors recommend the following next steps:

  • "Consumer awareness of embedded messages in cosmetics claims and the impact of such claims on consumer purchase intent."
  • "Further research may need to expand the scope of the sample of magazines."
  • "It might be intriguing to study how women from different social groups judge the deceptiveness of such claims."
  • "Future research may examine visual arts and deceptiveness in cosmetics ads."


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