L'Oréal Announces Exec Changes

Jean-Paul Agon, chairman and CEO of L'Oréal, announced several new appointments to the company's executive committee that will be effective as of July 1, 2013.

Nicolas Hieronimus was appointed president of the selective divisions, including the supervision of the luxury, active cosmetics, professional products, and The Body Shop divisions. This role was created in order to accelerate the company's development in all retail distribution networks, leveraging its expertise in each of the distribution channels. Hieronimus has worked for the consumer products division of L'Oréal, including as general manager of of Garnier in the U.K. and L'Oréal Paris in France. He worked to help create the international L'Oréal Paris brand, was managing director of L'Oréal in Mexico and of the company's professional products division, and was most recently president of L'Oréal Luxe.

Also, following the retirement of Jean-Jacques Lebel, Marc Menesguen will take over as president of the consumer products division of the company. He worked as general manage of L'Oréal Paris in the U.K. and France, and became managing director for Lancome. He moved on to managing director of L'Oréal Japan then to managing director of the luxury products division. He served most recently as executive vice president of strategic marketing for L'Oréal.

Additionally, to address the company's universalization strategy and its intention to obtain one billion new consumers, L'Oréal filled out its new zones with team members. Frédéic Rozé was appointed executive vice president of the Americas zone, which includes North and Latin America. Alexandre Popoff was appointed executive vice president of the Eastern European zone. Jochen Zaumseil was appointed executive vice president of the Western Europe zone, and Alexic Perakis-Valta, CEO of L'Oréal China, will succeed Zaumseil as vice president for the Asia Pacific zone.

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