Shiseido Announces New Retail Support Company

Shiseido announced that, in July 2013, it will establish a new company, Japan Retail Innovation Co., Ltd., jointly with Dentsu Retail Marketing Inc. (DRM). The new company is set to specialize in supporting retailers and will start its business, including providing information and stores' selling space maintenance services, in October, focusing on major retailers.

In recent years, the Japanese cosmetics market has become highly competitive due to customers’ diversified purchasing behavior and the increase of new competitors from other industries. Especially in business with major retailers, which occupy a large portion of cosmetic distribution channel, each cosmetics company is required to have high level of expertise and to keep selling space in retailers' stores fresh. Due to such a background, Shiseido will establish the new company for the purpose of reinforcing the support for major retailers jointly with DRM, who has the know-how for selling space maintenance in addition to the know-how for analysis and editing database regarding major retailers. The new company will provide information to stores as well as selling space maintenance service at low cost in a professional and intensive manner. In addition, the new company will make proposal based on the database from the standpoint of customers and distributors.

Some tasks that are currently being conducted by Shiseido Sales Co., Ltd. will be transferred to the new company. The tasks to be transferred to the new company are store visiting for providing product information, exchanging information regarding product sales trends and so on, and confirming the status of implementation of sales promotion, and more. Maintenance of selling spaces in retailers' stores is also the task to be conducted by the new company.

By making full use of Shiseido's sales activity know-how and DRM's database and data analysis know-how, Shiseido and the new company will offer major retailers solutions for creating effective selling spaces based on customers' characteristics and purchase trends, as well as further efficient selling space maintenance service. Through reinforcement of activities in stores by the new company, Shiseido will make efforts to improve its competing power and sales capability in its domestic cosmetics market, aiming to expand its sales in Japan.

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