Ginsberg Named Dermalogica CEO

Dermalogica announced the appointment of its new CEO, Dan Ginsberg, effective Jan. 1, 2011. Ginsberg, who has been consulting with the brand, brings a comprehensive background in branding strategy, marketing and advertising, summoned to meet the expanding needs of Dermalogica as the company enters its 25th year of operation in 2011.

“Branding is my professional passion. My expertise has always been to lead creative teams in generating consumer awareness and brand loyalty,” says Ginsberg. “I’m excited to lead the globally recognized Dermalogica brand to the next chapter of its long-standing history.”

Among Ginsberg’s initial tasks in 2011 will be overseeing the brand’s new philanthropic initiative, Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship (FITE). This economic empowerment program will create microloans for an estimated 25,000 female entrepreneurs in more than 50 countries. Ginsberg will lead the organization from Dermalogica headquarters, based in Carson, California.

Ginsberg is recognized as an innovator and creative strategist across the related disciplines of branding and marketing, best known as a pivotal executive behind the meteoric rise of the Red Bull brand in the U.S. Shortly after its launch in the U.S., he served as CEO for Red Bull NA, which dominated the developing energy drink category. When Ginsberg left Red Bull in 2007, it was the clear leader in the energy drink category claiming a majority of the overall market share in the category. Prior to his work with Red Bull, Ginsberg was part of a team that helped stem losses and resurrect the venerable Hardee’s brand, which was then sold to CKR.

Ginsberg’s credits also include co-founding the advertising agency dGWB in Los Angeles, in which he was also managing partner. He also served as president, Western region, of a variety of advertising agencies, including NW Ayer and Cunningham & Walsh. His experiences include most all product categories imaginable including automobiles, retail, travel, high technology, and food and beverage.

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